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Annonce produit : LDAP Tools

Le 18 Février 2010 Janua annonce la sortie de LDAPTools, ensemble d'outils (provisioning light, monitoring, white & yellow pages, proxy) destinés à faciliter la vie des administrateurs et utilisateurs d'annuaires LDAP. http://www.ldaptools.com

Ldap Tools

Today's businesses can't usually afford tons of investments when it's time to quickly build an LDAP directory. Moreover, they need a fast and easy way to deploy and integrate the directory infrastructure into the existing landscape.
The directory has to prove useful to be well accepted by end users, which means it has to be provisioned consistently, and provide an easy to use and customizable front end. From a technical point of view, the directory usually serves as a central repository with more or less complex connections with other information systems.

In this context, the LDAP Tools software suite enables organizations and HR deparments to leverage their existing directory service or simply helps them build and deploy one rapidly.

It consists in a series of dedicated applications or scripts  you can quickly deploy individually, based on your requirements. Most of these components only require some configuration, but no development.


Our products/frameworks/Service Offer ?

So, after 5 years of hard work and in house development, Janua has decided to launch several tools /frameworks to help LDAP administrators in their jobs :

  • LDAP Provisioning Light (LPL)
  • LDAP Monitor
  • White and Yellow Pages
  • LDAP Proxy (a service offer based on market products)

What do we sell ?

We mainly provide services :

  • Consulting,
  • Development
  • Integration,
  • Deployment
  • And support

based upon our products/frameworks whose licence is GPL V2.

LDAP projects are complex since more and more applications get involved, and "on the shelf" products are not always the right solution to meet your functional, quality and budgetary requirements.

So, our typical projects for a 5K employees company usually ranges between 30 to 60 days of service, dispatched between 33% for functionnal specifications, 50% for integration/customization and 17% for test and validation.

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